If you’re a Pt107 commercial Drone (UAV) Operator - EasyDroneAdmin is for you

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EasyDroneAdmin has been developed for you, the Pt107 Commercial Business Drone Owner to organize everything you need to run your business quickly and efficiently. EasyDroneAdmin is flexible and fast. As you work with the software, you will see how easy it is use the existing database of drones, equipment, expenses, or other items for planning. If you need to add your own item for example, a new drone model, a camera or a travel expense to be included on a Quote or Job, we make it available so you don't have to keep retyping the same phrase or word job after job.

Getting Started
In order to create new Jobs or Quotes, you need to add at least one Customer in your database. You will also need to create your list of Services and Equipment. In the Services screen you can add standard items such as mileage, hourly rate, etc. Equipment is used for hardware, drones, cameras, and includes a list of common drones. You can also add a custom drone to this list. We update the common drone list regularly.

We encourage feedback and are committed to regular upgrades and improvements.

Getting set up with EasyDroneAdmin is quick and easy, the short video below guides you through the initial setup procedure so you can start producing Quotes and Invoices immediately